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A post shared by Aura Salon Town Center (@myaurasalon) on Oct 14, 2019 at 9:20pm PDT

The vivid reds, coppers, burnt orange and buttery yellows of fall, inspire us from our home decor, to our clothing and especially to our hair. But this year, we’re noticing a trend: People are moving away from the traditional seasonal colors and going into different, yet exciting directions.

What better time than for Aveda to come out with its Full Spectrum Vibrants line? It’s the brand’s first direct-dye professional color line which allows our colorists to create bold, trendy, obscure colors for a completely unique look. If you’re thinking you want to do something different with your normal fall hair transformation, read on to learn why going vibrant might be for you.


As creative colors for the hair continue to grow popular, hairstylists are finding ways to incorporate these colors in a low-maintenance, almost-natural-but-not-quite way. Peekaboo highlights, dip dyes, or even just a few accent pieces throughout your hair can really elevate the look, especially if the color complements your natural/base color. We love seeing pinks and rose gold with blondes, purples and blues with brunettes and accents of bright yellow or orange in red hair.


Getting an unconventional color in your hair is a bit of a step and for those who tend to get bored easy it can get old after a while. Or perhaps you just want to try it out for a little bit and see if you like it or not? Don’t be intimidated by Aveda’s Vibrants line, the color is semi-permanent, so it lasts 12 washes, making it the perfect way to dip your toe into vivid colors. Plus, it leaves no line of demarcation, and requires very little maintenance. What’s not to love?

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