Stylist’s Pick – Favorite Summer Product

Desiree Taylor & Kimberly Westbrook


Desiree: What’s your favorite product this summer?

Kimberly: Daily Light Guard! This is an SPF 30 lotion that protects against UVA/UVB rays.

Desiree: Why is it your favorite?

Kimberly: Prior to using it, I was always bad at remembering to use sunscreen. Since my skin tends toward oily/sensitive, I’ve always avoided SPF on my skin because it felt too heavy. This one feels different.

Desiree: How does it feel?

Kimberly: Light, smooth texture. Provides a good base to keep makeup in place, almost like a primer.

Desiree: How do you use it?

Kimberly: After washing and toning my face, I dab a drop on the back of my hand then lightly pat it into my skin (to prevent damage/wrinkles). I don’t use moisturizer with it since it tends to feel too heavy for me, it just depends on the person. I use one drop a day, so a bottle lasts about 3-6 months.